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NextRadio FAQ
NextRadio is an app that enables a wide range of Android smart-phones to tune in to FM broadcasts saving users massive overhead data costs that come with traditional music streaming services.  Certain stations also offer advanced user experiences with song title/artist information, graphics, social interactions, and offers. 

Save your data plan from overage charges! The small amount of data the app requires is only for the text and the graphic you see, music playing requires none of your data! Get ALL the content from over-the-air broadcasts, including “blacked out” content that won’t come through on web-streams such as sporting events or nationwide syndicated programs. Save your battery! The FM chip consumes about 1/3 of the battery power that you would use if you instead streamed our station using your cell data connection.  Certain stations enhance the Next Radio experience, making it more visual and interactive. 

What does NextRadio cost?
Nothing, it is a free download available in the Google Play Store for qualifying networks and phones.

What networks have enabled NextRadio?
Sprint was the chief developer of the app, and all of their FM-enabled network Android phones even come preloaded with the app.  Other carriers that have stepped forward with some NextRadio phones include AT&T, Verizon, Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, and Virgin Mobile. For a complete breakdown, click here. More devices are being added all the time, so check in frequently.

What devices support NextRadio?
Again, visit the breakdown, but in general, all HTC phones have the feature unlocked (although you will need to download  the app), as well as a handful of the latest LG, Motorola, and Samsung phones. Apple is not participating at this time.

My current phone doesn’t fit the criteria, what can I do?
Tell your representative you are interested in getting NextRadio, and when your phone contract comes up again and you are set for renewal, ask about any of the phones on the list on your preferred carrier. 

Do I really need to listen to my earbuds only???
As always, FM transmissions require an antenna for reception, so the headphone cable acts as an antenna.  You can also use any AUX cable such as in your car or on your home stereo.  The good news is, if you are using
headphones, it can be also played out of the phone’s speaker with an easy click. 

Why does the NextRadio station sound fuzzy sometimes?
The cell phone reception won’t quite match premium tuners such as car radios for performance.  Outdoor listening (on your patio, golfing, fishing, out for a run) will be best, indoor/car listening secondary, and basement listening can be challenging at times. 

Can I tune to any station?
Yes, the opening screen on the app shows what it “thinks” you can listen to based on your location, but you can manually tune to any station in your area. 

Click here for complete details
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