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Tue, October 9, 2012

QB Power Rankings - Week 6

A look at my week 6 QB Power Rankings...Andrew Luck the biggest climber while Matt Cassel falls to the bottom.

1.) Matt Ryan (ATL):  Another big week for the leading MVP candidate (-)

2.) Matt Schaub (HOU): ESPN pointed-out his play-action game...we will see if Green Bay notices (-)

3.) Tom Brady (NE): Allowing his running game to win games and still getting his numbers (+1)

4.) Drew Brees (NO): Tough year for Brees...team is 0-4 but he continues to shine (+1)

5.) Joe Flacco (BAL): A rough week but his team is still 4-1 on the year (-2)

6.) El Manning (NYG): If Jim Harbuagh was "Captain Comeback"...what should Eli be? (+3)

7.) Peyton Manning (DEN): Continues to look great, tough schedule has Broncos 2-3 (+1)

8.) Alex Smith (SF): Smith not needing to be an elite QB will keep him in this range (+3)

9.) Andy Dalton (CIN): Laying an egg is an understatement for losing at home to Miami (-2)

10.) Aaron Rodgers (GB): What happened to the MVP? (-4)

11.) Ben Roethlisberger (PIT): Game winning drive drew the praise of his coach (+2)

12.) Christian Ponder (MIN): Continues to not lose games for the Vikings (-)

13.) Andrew Luck (IND): This weakest biggest jump goes to the guy that everyone is in love with (+6)

14.) Robert Griffin III (WAS): Concussion has paved the way for Luck to hop him (-4)

15.) Phillip Rivers (SD):  An injured left tackle may have cost him a shot to beat the Saints (+1)

16.) Jay Cutler (CHI):  Another week of looking great for Jay as the Bears are 4-1 at their bye (+5)

17.) Kevin Kolb (ARZ):  Kolb couldn't stay upright...not all his fault (-3)

18.) Matthew Stafford (DET):  QB play league wide is so average, Stafford climbs without playing (+2)

19.) Michael Vick (PHI): Good News; another comeback (sorta of), Bad News; more turnovers (-3)

20.) Cam Newton (CAR): QB's with attitudes fall out of favor FAST!  Right Mr. Cutler? (-3)

21.) Sam Bradford (STL): Another Rams win with another average Bradford day (+3)

22.) Blaine Gabbert (JAX): His team losing 41-3 hurts him in the rankings (-4)

23.) Tony Romo (DAL): A week off and all I can think of is Monday vs the Bears (-1)

24.) Russell Wilson (SEA): Got the win, put up yards but too many turnovers as Flynn waits another week (+2)

25.) Carson Palmer (OAK): We will see if the Bye week helps the former #1 pick (-)

26.) Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF): Bill have been outscored 90-17 in their last 6-quarters (-3)

27.) Ryan Tannehill (MIA): Playing on the road is tough for rookies...Tannehill has done well there (+3)

28.) Mark Sanchez (NYJ): Played better than everyone (Tebow included) thought he would Monday...(+4)

29.) Josh Freeman (TB): Lots to prove with his team 1-3 coming off a bye (-)

30.) Matt Hasselbeck (TEN): A rough start to filling in for Locker (-1)

31.) Brandon Weeden (CLE): Great plays and turnovers can't be equal to win games (-)

32.) Matt Cassel (KC): Ouch!  Cheered for getting hurt?  KC fans are tasteless...Brady Quinn? (-5)

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