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Tue, August 25, 2015

Jordy Nelson a big loss but Packers CAN still win it all

As the initial shock of Jordy Nelson's ACL tear wears off and we begin the process of moving forward, let's keep one thing in mind; the Packers are still a very good football team. The prevailing mindset since Nelson went down Sunday seem to be that the sky is falling and the Packers are no longer in contention for a trip to the Super Bowl. This couldn't be further from the truth. Ted Thompson's decision to stockpile young talent at the wide receiver position these last two years is now proving prophetic as several candidates stand in waiting to assist in Nelson's absence. This isn't to say the Packers offense won't take a step back. That's inevitable when a team loses its biggest downfield threat and position group leader. But to suggest their offense will no longer be effective is just plain silly. Perhaps the Green Bay offense no longer resembles that of the 2011 team and points don't come once every eight plays ... so what? Is it really a stretch to think the Packers can still score while spreading the wealth amongst three or even four different targets? Randall Cobb and, somewhat surprisingly, Davante Adams now emerge as the leaders of this unit with guys like Ty Montgomery and Jeff Janis needing to step up. Based on what we've seen to this point in the pre-season, the talent is there but a honing of the skills must take place. Only time -- and reps -- will tell us the real story of this offense in 2015, but for the time being, let's take a positive approach and know that as long as Aaron Rodgers still quarterbacks this team, Green Bay has a chance at the Super Bowl -- just ask Vegas! They're still given 6-to-1 odds on winning it all.

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