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Tue, July 28, 2015

Craig Counsell handles Gomez situation about as well as he could

It was subtle move on the part of Craig Counsell but I think it bodes well for his career as a major league manager. Last night, after Carlos Gomez made a mistake that seemingly only Gomez is capable of, Counsell came to the defense of his player. For reasons unknown to any rational baseball fan, Gomez was gunned down attempting to steal second base in the 9th, despite the fact his run meant nothing in the scheme of things (the Brewers trailed by two runs and the tying run was at the plate). He was subsequently tossed from the game for throwing his helmet on the way back to the dugout. That prompted Counsell to spring onto the field to "discuss" the merits of the ejection which ultimately led to him being asked to leave the premises as well. After the game in the locker room, Counsell was more direct in addressing Gomez being thrown out, saying back-to-back times "you can't get thrown out there." My point is simply this; Counsell did what a major league manager is supposed to do during the course of a game and that's have your player's back. It sets an example and let's others in the dugout know you're behind them. On the other hand, he made it very clear in his postgame comments that Gomez was wrong for even attempting to steal -- something I would argue his predecessor Ron Roenicke would never do. This isn't intended to be a shot at Roenicke, rather a compliment of Counsell. It's a fine line to walk this day in age when choosing to chastise or back up your players and Counsell did so quite well.

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