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Thu, July 23, 2015

Ramirez trade the right move

I have to say, I was getting a little worried. I wasn't sure if the Milwaukee Brewers front office fully grasped the fact they were out of the race this season. I was hopeful they understood. There front office is actually made up of a lot of intelligent people. It's just that emotion sometimes clouds your judgement. The trading of Aramis Ramirez today illustrates that the team's brass is thinking clearly on these issues for the first time in a long time. Now, it doesn't mean they're going to come away with some insane haul of prospects (they simply don't have enough great playes to expect that), but you do have to live in reality and give yourself every opportunity to better the farm club. Hopefully this is just the first piece to fall as Milwaukee looks to rebuild this club and give themselves a legitimate shot at winning again in the near future -- and when I say winning, I mean competing for the post-season with an opportunity to win the World Series. It's never a fun process to build yourself back up, but it's a necessary one. And now I'm now a little more confident we'll see the Brewers make the most of this situation.

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