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MLB playoffs are great but difficult to find

Wednesday, Oct, 21 2015

Despite not having our beloved Milwaukee Brewers in the mix, this year's MLB playoffs have been a lot of fun. You've had teams from America's top four markets involved (Houston is No. 4 if you're wondering), while small market clubs like Kansas City have also had a great deal of success. The unfortunate thing about all of this is that MLB continues to make their product difficult to find by placing the ALCS on Fox Sports 1. Now, I understand why FOX wants  playoff programming (it ups the credibility of the network) but I can't, for the life of me, figure out why MLB would agree to such an arrangement. As the number of baseball consumers continues to decline, you need to make your product accessible. This is especially true given the time of year in which these games are being played. You're already competing with college football and the NFL for viewers -- most of which are shown are more identifiable networks -- that to place your product on a channel that many subscribers are unaware they even have is ridiculous. Hopefully Commissioner Rob Manfred rights this wrong in the future, as I'm sure he's stuck beneath a contract that was forged several years back. Time will tell, but baseball certainly needs it.

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McCarthy's career numbers make him one of Packers' all-time greats

Tuesday, Oct, 20 2015

It's interesting to me that for as much as we like to talk about legacies in the world of sports, more isn't being made about Mike McCarthy's 100th regular season victory this past Sunday. While McCarthy has always been a respected figure by the fans of Green Bay, I'm not sure he's ever been given the credit he deserves considering the amount of he's experienced. Now, there's no question this was a group effort and Ted Thompson's (as well as Aaron Rodgers) role must be considered, but McCarthy has kept this team performing at or near peak for the majority of his career. Factor in a fair amount of post-season success as well six division titles and you have to consider the Pittsburgh native one of the greatest in Packers history. Now, there's no question Vince Lombardi will always be considered the gold standard, and for good reason. The biggest question in my mind is as follows; what level of success would McCarthy need to achieve in order to leapfrog Mike Holmgren as the second most revered coach in franchise history? That's difficult to quantify considering the scenario in which Holmgren take over. Like Ron Wolf, he deserves a fair amount of credit for resurrecting the franchise. Longtime Packer fans know the huge undertaking that was and might consider that achievement on par with a Super Bowl victory. Couple that with his actual ring in 1996 and you've got an incredible run of success -- not to mention the good will and vibes from the fans for bringing  your team back from the dead. Call me a fence-sitter but I'll end by saying this, it could turn out to be a spirited debate when discussing McCarthy and Holmgren, but one thing is for sure ... if the current coach picks up one more Super Bowl Championship, the question will legitimately have to be discussed.

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Chargers win still reason to celebrate -- not panic

Monday, Oct, 19 2015

So Sunday's win over the Chargers wasn't exactly pretty ... so what? I can't quite explain it but I'm buying into this year's version of the Green Bay Packers ... so much so that I'm willing to overlook some potential shortcomings on any given week as long as they win. And that's exactly what happened this week at Lambeau. Sure, Dom Capers defense gave up over 500 yards through the air, but they only allowed 20 points. To be fair, if the 500 yards passing was a common occurrence, I'd be far more concerned than I currently am. We've seen this defense be dominant in recent weeks and to suddenly reverse course because of one Phillip Rivers' passing display would be ridiculous. Especially knowing the defense was playing without BJ Raji and Morgan Burnett. And given the health of this team as a whole right now - a win to get you to 6-0 just before the bye week -- no matter how "unpretty" it may have been, is reason to celebrate. Enjoy it Packer fans. There will be plenty of reason for apprehension over the next two months -- and even if there's not, I'm sure we'll manufacture some.

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The Brewers rebuild is on ... we might as well get comfortable.

Wednesday, Oct, 14 2015

As the Brewers begin the early stages of restructuring their front office, one can't help but  think about the long, arduous task ahead, as new GM David Stearns attempts to rebuild this franchise. In some ways, it's hard to believe an all-out rebuild is necessary. After all, this was a team that went to the NLCS as recently as 2011 and was in talks for the post-season in 2014 before an epic September collapse. But as I watched the young Cubs topple the always talented Cardinals on Tuesday evening in the NLDS, it was abundantly apparent Milwaukee is nowhere close to where it needs to be. Some bad luck coupled with poor drafting in recent years has the team in need of a complete overhaul at the farm level (the Carlos Gomez trade not withstanding) and the big league club provides plenty of questions too. But for now, there is optimism. As Stearns approaches his first full off-season, he has a seemingly infinite number of options at his disposal. Will he attempt to trade Adam Lind? K-Rod? What direction will this team head? While it may not seem as dramatic (or desirable for that matter) as a playoff run and winning season, Brewers fans have no choice but to kick back and enjoy the rebuilding ride.

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Baseball's playoff structure less than ideal but no perfect solution exists

Wednesday, Oct, 7 2015

The pros and cons of MLB's current playoff structure have been debated and will continue to be debated for a long time. We'll here calls for extending the wild-card play-in to a three-game series, elimination of divisions and other ideas that somehow make everything more fair. The fact of the matter is that no perfect solution exists. No matter what you do, something else will suffer. You want to make the wild-card game a series? Kiss the drama (and TV ratings) of a one and done scenario goodbye. The argument, of course, centers around playing a 162 game schedule only to see it come to an end thanks to one bad outing. Fair enough but I could easily refute that argument by suggesting you go out and win your division. Then you could say some divisions are others and the argument goes 'round and 'round again. Eliminating divisions could provide a viable solution. You simply take the top five teams from both leagues and have the fourth and fifth square off in that same one-and-done play-in situation. But in doing that, you would need to balance the regular season schedule for everyone which would require more travel and cost cost teams more money -- not to mention the loss of certain heated divisional rivalries (i.e. Cubs/Cardinals). So we continue on, looking for the perfect solution, all the while knowing there isn't one out there to be found. No matter what ultimately comes of this, someone, somewhere will fine it insufficient. At some point, we have to accept that and simply enjoy the current structure. When it's all said and done, the good teams will find a way. 

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