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The Kyle Lohse Conundrum

Wednesday, Jul, 22 2015

Today's five-run, 10-hit outting for Kyle Lohse is just the latest example of how far the team's one-time ace has fallen in just one year. Lohse has been abysmal in nearly every start this season and shown very little to make fans believe that will turnaround anytime soon. Unfortunately for the Brewers, that means they're going to have a difficult time moving him prior to the July 31 trade deadline, and will in all likelihood be forced to make a different decision with their rotation (although it becomes an easier decision with each passing poor start for Lohse). Wily Peralta is nearly ready to make his return to the big club (he's already made two minor league rehab starts) but the Crew currently has no place to put him. There's absolutely no way you can bump rookie Taylor Jungmann from the rotation given he's been nothing short of spectacular to this point (5-1, 2.04 ERA). Jimmy Nelson is another young pitcher the Brewers must continue to groom and Mike Fiers figures to be a part of this rotation for the foreseeable future unless another organization wows the Brewers with a trade offer. That leaves Matt Garza who is signed through 2017 with a vesting option for 2018. Milwaukee would love to move him as well but that contract is going to be difficult which means they're going to give him every opportunity to figure it out. Hopefully you can see where I'm going with this ... Lohse will likely need to be cut in order to give the Brewers their best look at the current crop of young pitchers (not to mention he doesn't give them the best chance to win right now). It's a crummy way to see Lohse's career in Milwaukee end as, for the most part, he's been a very solid pitcher in his time here. It's just unfortunate he couldn't put together one more season and give the Brewers an opportunity to actually recoup something for him.

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Can we please just get a verdict on Tom Brady?!

Tuesday, Jul, 21 2015

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Tuesday that there is still no timetable for releasing a decision on the Tom Brade "deflategate" appeal. My first reaction was a simple question ... "why the heck not?" The appeal took place at the end of June and there's still no verdict ... it makes very little sense and the entire scenario grows more and more ridiculous by the day. Goodell says he needs time to consider all aspects of the appeal. While I realize he's a busy man, I can't help but wonder what portion of the appeal is tripping him up. You've heard the facts ... make a decision (the indecision is remiscient of Brett Favre and his retirement)! Knowing that, I can't help but wonder if there are other things at play here. For example, is the NFL attempting to determine how strong of a case it would have versus Tom Brady in court, should it choose to uphold the suspenion in its entirety (the NFLPA has suggested they'll take the league to court if the suspension is not completely lifted)? I'll never know. Whatever the scenario is, by not doing a better job of informing the public as to why so much time is needed, the commissioner continues to make himself look foolish, while questions about his competency in the position continue to be raised.

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Great finish to Open builds excitment for PGA Championship

Monday, Jul, 20 2015

I blogged last week about how the British Open was poised to be great television and boy was I right (pats self on back). Yes, I went out on a long, thin branch to predict that one and you, the reader, is the beneficiary -- you're welcome. In case you can't tell, this is meant to be dripping with sarcasm. The truth is that just about anyone could see The Open was setting up for great TV drama and nothing short of Mother Nature was going to prevent that from happening. A couple of things to note ... I'm extremely disappointed Jordan Spieth didn't come away with the victory. It would have been exciting to see the national media converge on Whistling Straits in a few weeks to watch as Spieth attempted to make history with the first calendar Grand Slam in modern history. That said, if Spieth wasn't going to win this thing, I have absolutely no problem with Iowa Native Zach Johnson bringing home the trophy. The guy is the embodiment of humble and an easy figure to root for. The emotional interview he gave with Tom Rinaldi at the conclusion of the tournament solidified my feelings. So while we won't be getting an all-Spieth, all-the-time type lead-up to the PGA Championship, we can rest assured this tournament coming to our home state should also make for an exciting week of golf ... and I, for one, can't wait.

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British Open poised to be fantastic television ...

Friday, Jul, 17 2015

While I value sleep as much as anybody, the British Open currently has me captivated, and I'm strongly considering waking up early this weekend to watch it live. In fact, I'm almost happy the second round was delayed by weather because it means I'll have an opportunity to consume even more golf on Saturday and Sunday. The storyline to this point has been fantastic; Dustin Johnson with a shot at redemption after what happened at the US Open, Jordan Spieth still very much in the mix with a shot at continuing his run at history and the continued line of questioning regarding Tiger Woods -- he'll likely miss the cut, but most experts suggest all his issues are currently mental as he's still as good as ever on the driving range (seems strange to talk about Tiger being mentally weak). Even if Tiger is out of the mix after round two, this tournament has everything you could ask for -- not to mention the role mother nature plays annually on this great event. So while you might be inclined to sleep in on Saturday -- and I completely understand why -- you might consider waking up early this time just to catch a live glimpse of one of golf's greatest event.

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Ronda Rousey is incredible ...

Thursday, Jul, 16 2015

I'll be brief today -- Ronda Rousey is incredible. I've talked over and over again on the show about my admiration for her, but her comments directed at Floyd Mayweather after the ESPYS last night just go to show she's not backing down in or out of the octagon. Rousey is the total package -- with looks, personality, intelligence and a bad*** persona in the ring, she's literally the most recognizable and marketable face of the UFC right now. It might be hard to imagine her blowing up more than she already has, but believe it will happen over the next few months. In many ways, she can be considered a transcendent athlete for her ability to cross gender lines and appeal to the masses. Is she the greatest female athlete of the last 25 years? She at least merrits discussion.

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