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Bigger story this weekend; Spieth or Woods?

Wednesday, Jul, 15 2015

With the British Open or simply "The Open  looming in golf, I was left to ponder this question over the weekend; what would make for a more appealing story, Jordan Spieth completing the third leg of a grand slam or Tiger Woods walking away with his first major victory in years? While Spieth's accomplishment would be a first in the modern era (Bobby Jones did it in 1930, prior to the advent of the Masters), I still tend to believe a Woods victory would garner more media attention and more viewer eyeballs -- I'm talking about the casual fans. Woods continues to -- and probably always will be -- a figure people are drawn to. He transcends racial and gender lines that others in golf simply don't do, no matter their level of talent. That's why Woods continues to be a story, seven years after he won his last major. Now, don't get me wrong, Spieth's narrative would undoubtedly be the bigger tale amongst golf fans (and personally, I'm rooting for that to happen). It's just that there aren't enough hardcore golf fans out there to rival the appeal of a Woods victory. No matter what happens this weekend, the British Open should be a fantastic tournament.

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Professionalism Should Still Count for Something

Thursday, Jul, 9 2015

If you're an NBA fan and you've kept up the soap opera that is DeAndre Jordan, you're read the reports that suggest he left the Mavericks high and dry without so much as a returned call or text. I don't know about you but in my line of work, that would be considered just the slight bit unprofessional (intentional understatement). In reality, DeAndre Jordan looks like a fool. Undoubtedly, man will find it amusing that Mark Cuban wound up getting the short end of the stick -- people always enjoy seeing that happen to outspoken, highly successful individuals. Whether you hate Cuban or love him,  I can tell you that if I ever pulled the type of stunt DeAndre Jordan just did – no matter the job or the tax bracket you’re in – I’d be extremely embarrassed. Now, I’m not suggesting he needed to sign with Dallas, despite having a verbal agreement in place. People change their minds and if Jordan had one, so be it. You have to do what's best for you because in the long run, the company will always do what's in its best interest. That said, here's a word of advice for DeAndre that I would have hoped he'd learned by now ... never burn bridges because you just never know what the future holds. In this case, he chose to act like a heartbroken teenager instead by not returning calls or texts … and that’s just in poor taste.

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The Brewers and the Trade Deadline; What Could/Should Happen?

Wednesday, Jul, 8 2015

Now that we've escaped the insane optimism of some fans brought on by the Brewers recent eight-game winning streak, let's get down to brass tacks and talk trade deadline. In recent weeks, I've been one of many fans suggesting the Brewers might not have the goods to be active on the open market. Enough has changed over the last two weeks, however, to at least provide me with some hope that Milwaukee can come away with some young players to help bolster the forecast for the future. While Kyle Lohse continues to struggle and Aramis Ramirez is a soon-to-be-retired third-baseman whose best days are behind him, the Brewers could find a way to score prospects by shipping Adam Lind and/or Gerrardo Parra to contending teams. Lind has been a very pleasant surprise this season (at least to me since I must admit, I didn't see him as much of an upgrade over Mark Reynolds initially), batting .296 with 15 homeruns and 52 RBIs. As a left-handed hitting first-baseman, there's no question potential suitors exist for a guy with those types of number (think NY Mets). As for Parra, he's currently batting .309 with 26 RBIs and eight homeruns -- not bad for a guy who started out as the team's fourth outfielder. If the Brewers are able to acquire another prospect or two in a deal for Parra, it would essentially be recouping the two it dealt to Arizona to acquire Parra last season (Anthony Banda and Mitch Haniger). It will also be interesting to see if the Brewers can/are willing to deal KRod given the great success he's once again had in a Brewers uniform this season. Some have suggested the Brewers may not be inclined to move the closer due to the fact he just recently signed a multi-year extension to remain with the Brewers. While I have no problem with player security, the fact remains this is a business and team must act on an offer that could better the franchise down the road -- especially since the Brewers have a fair amount of work to do before a closer becomes a primary position of need. We'll talk more about this Thursday on The Big One.

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Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

Monday, Jul, 6 2015

Did your parents ever give you the speech about how nothing good happens after midnight? Mind sure did. As a teenager or early 20-something, that rhetoric can grow old in a hurry ... but it's sound advice and something that every pro athlete should especially consider, given their place in the public eye. Unfortunately, the soon-to-be 27-year--old Andrew Quarless did not consider this piece of advice and wound up getting himself into a whole heap of trouble in Miami Beach last weekend. It could have and SHOULD have been avoided. For Quarless, it was obviously about more than just being out late. He unnecessarily fired two rounds from a gun in an effort to assert his dominance over a group of females -- at least if the witness statements are to be believed. Quarless then fled the scene and attempted to hide the handgun; big mistake. Would anyone in the right mind believe they'd somehow get away with this, that they wouldn't be recognized and eventually tracked down by police? Apparently Quarless did. This whole situation can be summed up with a few choice words; stupid, idiotic, unnecessary. But what's done is done and Andrew Quarless may have just dealt himself an incredible career blow by being so careless. Will Ted Thompson welcome him back into the fold? Time will tell but it's clear he'll be on a much shorter leash if he is wearing the Green and Gold. At the end of the day, while all those other adjectives are accurate in describing this situation, I'd like to throw another one into the mix ... selfish. Quarless clearly did not have his team, teammates or coaches in mind when making such a stupid decision. While this situation clearly will affect the future of Quarless, it will undoubtedly affect the Packers offense as well. Even if the tight end from Penn State is in a Packers uniform this year, he'll undoubtedly be disciplined by the league and miss game action. It's not as though the Packers can't overcome his loss ... it's just that things would have been a whole lot clearer with him.

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Bucks Involvement in Free Agency a Great Sign for Franchise

Wednesday, Jul, 1 2015

Tuesday night marked the beginning of free agency in the NBA and for the first time in recent memory, the Milwaukee Bucks made moves that could actually be considered relevant. This is marked change from the last 14 years in Milwaukee and it's, if nothing else, encouraging. Whether you like the deal given to Khris Middleton or not is irrelevant ... the fact of the matter is the Bucks front office believes he makes them a better team and acted quickly to ensure he remained in Milwaukee. In addition to Middleton, the Bucks remain in the conversation for several top-level big men including Greg Monroe. While I realize this could come across as a sort of "everyone's a winner for trying" type mentalities, the fact Milwaukee is even seriously being considered by Monroe, as well the likes of Deandre Jordan and Tyson Chandler, could suggest the perception of the city and franchise amongst players is changing. This is a must if the Bucks are to ever return to respectability. While I'll admit that I'll be disappointed if Milwaukee does not sign one of the rumored big men they've been linked to, I can honestly say I'm excited to see the franchise return to relevancy and once again offer some excitement to fans in the state of Wisconsin -- even in the off-season. 

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