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Will the Brewers make a move? #HullYes or #HullNo

Thursday, Jul, 31 2014

Jon Lester on June 29, 2009

You have to think that with the recent struggles the Brewers have gone through the urgency is there for them to do something before Thursday’s 3PM cst trade deadline, right?

Names like Jon Lester and David Price have been tossed out in the rumor mill, but let’s be honest…starting pitching is not the biggest need for this team and do the Brewers have the pieces to give up to acquire one of these guys?  With that said, I would welcome either to the rotation but my expectations are low!

That moves the attention moves to first base.  Well, that was the thought before Mark Reynolds got hot once again.  Remember in 2011 when the Brewers had issues at SS then Yuni B. got hot and the Brewers held on to him?  I see the same thing happening with Reynolds.

The bullpen?  Absolutely they need some help!  Will Smith and Francisco Rodriguez have looked pedestrian the last few weeks after amazing starts.  Outside of Zack Duke, there is not a lot of confidence in the Brewers pen.  This remains the most likely spot for the Brewers to go after.

The flip side of all of this is who are the teams willing to sell?  A few of the middle-of-the-pack teams have inched their way back in the “false hope” category so they may become buyers instead of sellers.  With a limited market, price tags will likely go up adding to the decision process.

My prediction…#HullNo.  For some reason, I just don’t see things falling in place of an impact deal at the moment.  That doesn’t mean something will happen after the deadline.  Don’t expect to be doing cartwheels on your front lawn at 3:01.

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Scuba's NASCAR Pick 3: Week 20 Results

Monday, Jul, 28 2014

Our NASCAR Pick 3 is going strong!  Scuba’s Bar and Grill in Appleton is on board this season challenging you to beat the experts!

Every week, on WSCO, Alex Hayden of MRN Radio & Ben Brust of the Badgers join Justin Hull to talk NASCAR.  At the end the conversation, one listener will be chosen to call in and pick 3 drivers for the Sprint Cup Race that weekend.  After that, our expert panel of Alex, Ben, Justin and Justin’s Dad will pick their 3 for the race.

It’s golf style scoring so the lower the scorer, the better.  You get points for whatever position each of your drivers finish.  If you pick the winning driver, we subtract 5-points from your total.  If the listener beats 3 of 4 or sweeps the panel, it’s a $25 Gift Card to Scuba’s.  If you beat just one, it’s a $10 Gift Card to Scuba’s.

Here are the week 20 results:

1st place: Listener Rick
Jimmie Johnson: 14
Brad Keslowski: 12
Jeff Gordon: -5 (winner)
Total: 21

2nd place: Justin's Dad
Matt Kenseth: 4
Kevin Harvick: 8
Brad Keslowski: 12
Total: 24

3rd place: Ben Brust
Joey Lagano: 5
Matt Kenseth: 4
Tony Stewart: 17
Total: 26

4th place: Alex Hayden
Jimmie Johnson: 14
Brad Keslowski: 12
Kasey Kahne: 6
Total: 32

5th place: Hull
Jeff Gordon: -5 (winner)
Carl Edwards: 15
Paul Menard: 34
Total: 44

Yearly Rankings (total points):
1st –  Alex: 758
2nd – Listeners: 820
3rd – Justin: 831
4th – Brust: 847
5th - Justin’s Dad: 931

Race Winner Picks:
Alex Hayden - 5 (Races 2, 3, 7, 13, & 17)
Justin  - 4 (Race 4,11, 16, & 20)
Justin’s Dad – 4 (Race 1, 7, 9, & 12)
Ben - 3 (Race 10, 13, 14)
Listeners – 3 (Race 10, 14, & 20)

Weekly Winner honors:
Listeners - 5 (Week 4, 5, 14, 18, & 20)
Justin - 5 (Week 3, 8, 11, 16, & 19)
Dad - 4 (Week 1, 7, 9, & 12)
Ben - 3 (Week 10, 13, & 15)
Alex - 3 (Week 2, 6, & 17)

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#HullYes or #HullNo: NFL Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Monday, Jul, 21 2014

Ok...this is a good one.  The NFL has released ugly Christmas Sweaters for all 32 NFL teams...One of the Packers choices is pictured below (courtesy of the NFL Shop).  #HullYes or #HullNo to the new sweaters?

Here is a link to the Packers sweater.

Here is a link to all the NFL sweaters.

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I don't like the Brewers chances in the 2nd half

Friday, Jul, 18 2014

I know I ruffled the feathers of Brewer fans earlier this weekend when I said the team’s playoff chances were “toast.” 

Some saw this as a reaction to the last couple of weeks before the All-Star break where the team went 2-11.  While that has something to do with it (not much in all honesty), it’s not the biggest reason by any means.  I wasn’t sold on this team heading into the season and even when they were 19-games over .500, I thought they should be pushing their chips to the middle of the table, make a move and go all-in because I wasn’t convinced they were a championship team.  They didn’t and my thought hasn’t moved a whole lot.  Now they head to the 2nd half of the season with a slim lead in the division.

That brings me to my comments.  The main reasoning for this is trying to accurately gauge how good this team is.  Are they the team that lost 11 of 13?  Absolutely not!  Are they the team that was 19-games over .500 at one point?  I can’t say they are.  The Brewers are a good team.  Not sure that will be enough to make it to October.

Let’s look at the division race:

• Milwaukee (53-43)
• St. Louis (52-44) – 1 GB
• Cincinnati (51-44) – 1.5 GB
• Pittsburgh (49-46) – 3.5 GB
• Cubs…well, they are out of it and this will be the last mention of that…

Who plays who?
• Milwaukee:  St. Louis (10), Cincinnati (9), Pittsburgh (6)
• St. Louis: Milwaukee (10), Cincinnati (10), Pittsburgh (6)
• Cincinnati: Milwaukee (9), St. Louis (10), Pittsburgh (6)
• Pittsburgh: Milwaukee (6), St. Louis (6), Cincinnati (6)

How about other teams in the playoff race (.500 or above)?
• Milwaukee: Washington (3), L.A Dodgers (6), San Francisco (6), Toronto (2),
• St. Louis: L.A Dodgers (3), Baltimore (3)
• Cincinnati: NY Yankees (3), Washington (3), Cleveland (4), Atlanta (4), Baltimore (3)
• Pittsburgh: L.A Dodgers (3), San Francisco (3) , Detroit (4), Washington (3) Atlanta (7)

Thoughts on each team?
• Milwaukee:  Easily the toughest schedule of the bunch.  42 of 66 against teams in playoff position.  They are the healthiest team.
• St. Louis: Easily the weakest schedule of the bunch.  Stretch of 8-straight vs Cincy and Milwaukee in early September will be key. 
• Cincinnati:  Lots of division games and 42 of 67 against playoff contenders…however, Yankees and Cleveland make up 7 of those games as .500 teams.  Votto and Phillips injuries to overcome.
• Pittsburgh: Overall, a tough spot.  38 of 67 against playoff teams but not a lot verse division to make up ground there.  May need a big streak or a couple of free falls.

Obviously, those numbers go both ways.  If you play well, you do double damage because a team that is chasing you (or you are chasing) loses ground.  But, you can flip the script with bad play as we saw from Milwaukee the last two weeks.

I think the rest of July will be key for the Brewers.  They start with Washington and Cincinnati before taking on the Mets and Rays, non-playoffs teams.  The beginning of August is BRUTAL!  If they can get a cushion heading into that month, it will go a long way to their playoff chances.

Can Milwaukee make the post season?  Of course they can.  I just think the deck is stacked against them.  I will say 83-79, 3rd in the division and no Wild Card.

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#HullYes or #HullNo: The New College Football Playoff Trophy

Monday, Jul, 14 2014

So...the playoff is here in College Football!  However, they introduced a new trophy.  #HullYes or #HullNo to the new hardware?

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