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Fri, March 22, 2013

Before We Forget...

It is the offseason, and alot has happened on the fantasy landscape due to free agency.  But before all the experts jump in and rank player X or Y bumping them up or down, don't forget these ten lessons learned from the 2012 season...

1)  Don't get sucked in by the Darren McFadden (Ryan Mathews, Demarco Murray) subterfuge again!  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me thrice?  You've just drafted Mcfadden in the second round...again. 

2)  Chris Johnson sucks.  I don't care what you hear about "his strong finish to the season," their offensive line getting better, that amazing year when he rushed two thousand yards being his "upside", or how Shonn Greene will somehow "help" him?  Gimme a break.  If you draft him ahead of Steven Jackson, Stevan Ridley, Frank Gore, Matt Forte, Maurice Jones Drew, or any of the top-tier WR's or TE's, you are making a mistake.  Unless you like all of your fantasy scoring wrapped up in 4 weeks.  He's still draftable, every down backs are still hard to come by, but he is a fourth rounder.

3)  Wide Receiver was and still is INCREDIBLY deep.  But it is still top heavy.  There are 7 or 8 guys heads and tails above the rest, I want one of them.  And then I am waiting.  And waiting...  You can make an argument for any of the guys through 20.  And then an argument for any of the guys 20 through 30.  Last season saw Cecil Shorts, Crabtree, Wayne, Jones, Cobb, Williams, Hilton all end as top 20 options.  This season will be the same situation with different faces.  Wait for value.

4)  Lesean Mccoy is talented.  And that's all that matters.  I will be drafting late in the first round in my leagues this year, and this is my guy.  Bryce Brown was fun, but at the end of the season, it was still Mccoy that was "the guy" and that offense should get its steam back under Chip Kelly.

5)  Jamaal Charles seems an afterthought to most for some reason, he had an extremely underrated season coming off that injury, and he'll only be more durable, and only more used in a more potent offense under Andy Reid.  Not to mention Peyton Hillis is gone.

6)  All three Packers WRs are draftable inside the top 20 among receivers.  They all present tremendous consistency as well as upside. 

7)  All three Broncos WRs are also draftable inside the top 20 among receivers.  Sensing a trend here?

8)  QB IS that deep, and you can wait.  Picking Brees or Rodgers in the first round is a mistake.  Second round is what they are worth considering you will be able to take Kaepernick, Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson in the 5th or 6th round.  Not to mention RG3, who will be going late.  You want to know how to handle that situation?  Draft Michael Vick. You'll pay nothing for him.  He'll start the season healthy, playing for a contract, has weapons, and if (when) he gets hurt you have RG3 getting healthy.  And don't forget Eli Manning, who will be going in the 10th round or later in most drafts...

9)  Running backs are back to being running backs.  This is as steady as RB has been at the top in a long time, and as ugly as sin after that.  Going down through Ridley, you have a mix of pretty solid guys.  After that?  Question mark after question mark...

10) Tight ends were a mess.  Next year, if you're not one of the first 4 to take a tight end, be the last.  Gronk, Graham, Witten, Gonzo.  That's it.  Then you wait.  Rudolph was great half the time...the other half invisible.  Greg Olsen was decent, but not a game changer or worth reaching for.  Hernandez is becoming a health risk.  Gates is done.  Finley is a knucklehead. Brandon Meyers is a PPR guy. It goes on and on, all of them are the same at the end of the year and impossible to separate from week to week.

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