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Tue, October 16, 2012

QB Power Rankings - Week 7

My Week 7 QB Power Rankings... Wilson CATAPULTS while Kolb and Bradford PLUMMET

1.) Matt Ryan (ATL):  Another big week for the leading MVP candidate (-)

2.) El Manning (NYG): A HUGE weekend for Eli and the Giants in San Francisco (+4)

3.) Peyton Manning (DEN): One Word:  COMEBACK, Two Words:  SAN DIEGO (+4)

4.) Drew Brees (NO): Can the Saints make a run at 1-4 after the BYE (-)

5.) Aaron Rodgers (GB): “Shhhhh” but can  he do it again? (+5)

6.) Joe Flacco (BAL): a bounce back week for Flacco though he was outshined by some Super Bowl guys (-2)

7.) Tom Brady (NE): You have to score TDs in the NFL or you will get burned(-4)

8.) Matt Schaub (HOU): Completely unimpressed Sunday Night (-6)

9.) Robert Griffin III (WAS): Simply AMAZING performance against the Vikings (+5)

10.) Andy Dalton (CIN): Solid week but back-to-back loses to Miami & Cleveland? (-2)

11.) Ben Roethlisberger (PIT): Not a good week but not as bad as some (-)

12.) Jay Cutler (CHI):  Up four spots on a bye shows you how bad some were this week (+4)

13.) Alex Smith (SF): 4-2 but falling out of  favor in San Fran(-5)

14.) Russell Wilson (SEA): His 4th quarter performance warrants this high of a jump (+10)

15.) Matthew Stafford (DET):  Wonder if his 4th quarter performance was the start of what we expected from him this year (+3)

16.) Christian Ponder (MIN): 3-early field goals…if any are TDs, outcome may have changed (-4)

17.) Andrew Luck (IND): Rex Ryan made him look like a rookie (-4)

18.) Phillip Rivers (SD): I went to bed thinking the game was over…oops! (-3)

19.) Michael Vick (PHI): Vowed he would commit less turnovers, how did that go? (-3)

20.) Cam Newton (CAR): Wonder how the bye week might change things? (-)

21.) Tony Romo (DAL): Dez Bryant isn’t helping the Romo hate (+2)

22.) Ryan Tannehill (MIA): You win in this league, you make fans quickly (+5)

23.) Blaine Gabbert (JAX): Plain Blaine…bye week, nothing new (-1)

24.) Mark Sanchez (NYJ): Tebow who? (+4)

25.) Josh Freeman (TB): I had Tampa in the post season because of Josh…Sunday is what I thought we would see (+4)

26.) Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF): Team won but Fitzpatrick was subpar (-)

27.) Kevin Kolb (ARZ):  Dropped this far because it may be Skelton time soon (-10)

28.) Matt Hasselbeck (TEN): Feeling good after coming back on Pittsburgh (+2)

29.) Carson Palmer (OAK): You see flashes…the good and the bad (-4)

30.) Brandon Weeden (CLE): Finally down the turnovers and look what happened (+1)

31.) Sam Bradford (STL): Can you name one of his receivers (who didn’t play at Wisconsin) (-10)

32.) Brady Quinn (KC):  Fans may cheer for Cassel to return! (-)

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