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Wed, November 11, 2015

Starks the starter but what does that mean?

James Starks was named the Packers first-string running-back Wednesday and I'm not sure how I should react. The sixth-year back has certainly earned this opportunity based on his productivity and Eddie Lacy's season-long struggles. The question I'm having trouble answering is, how does this really change things? Both Lacy and Starks have been used in tandem all season and the same was true last season when Lacy was still putting up big numbers. Will this continue to be the case? It sure sounds like it based on McCarthy's comments today. And if that's the case, fans can fully expect Lacy to still be a big part of the ground game. What this reeks of to me is a motivational tactic. Taking away a man's starting job publicly could be viewed as a way of challenging Lacy back into form. If that is the case, it would also indicate the Packers are out of answers for why the former offensive rookie-of-the-year has hit a wall. For the Packers sake, hopefully this will ignite Lacy while also building confidence in Starks ... enough to give Green Bay a legitimate 1-2 punch again as we make our way through the second-half of the regular season.

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