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Wed, October 21, 2015

MLB playoffs are great but difficult to find

Despite not having our beloved Milwaukee Brewers in the mix, this year's MLB playoffs have been a lot of fun. You've had teams from America's top four markets involved (Houston is No. 4 if you're wondering), while small market clubs like Kansas City have also had a great deal of success. The unfortunate thing about all of this is that MLB continues to make their product difficult to find by placing the ALCS on Fox Sports 1. Now, I understand why FOX wants  playoff programming (it ups the credibility of the network) but I can't, for the life of me, figure out why MLB would agree to such an arrangement. As the number of baseball consumers continues to decline, you need to make your product accessible. This is especially true given the time of year in which these games are being played. You're already competing with college football and the NFL for viewers -- most of which are shown are more identifiable networks -- that to place your product on a channel that many subscribers are unaware they even have is ridiculous. Hopefully Commissioner Rob Manfred rights this wrong in the future, as I'm sure he's stuck beneath a contract that was forged several years back. Time will tell, but baseball certainly needs it.

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