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Mon, March 31, 2014

2014 Brewers: Official Prediction

2014 promises to be an interesting year for the Milwaukee Brewers.  There are so many different ways to forecast the season which makes putting your finger on things that much more difficult.  Since its opening day, I will give it a whirl.

Prediction: 79-83

I get that I will take (and already have taken) a lot of heat for this but I am not sold.  They “potentially” updated the pitching staff with the Matt Garza signing while Ryan Braun’s return to the line-up after last year’s suspension give the line-up the MVP bat that it needs.  But potential and questions face just about everyone up and down the line-up, starting rotation, & bullpen.  If everything goes well, they could win 88-games and compete for a Wild Card or even the Division.  If nothing goes as plan, like the last couple years, they could be around 70.  I say each of these questions are worth 2-games (no exact science)...

1.) Which Yovani Gallardo shows up?  The team has gone as he has the last few years.
2.) How will Ryan Braun return from suspension?  A great spring speaks to him getting back to normal but that’s spring.  First month will be key for him.
3.) How many starts will Matt Garza make?  The oft injured pitcher got a 4-year deal, despite making only 42-starts the last 2-years.
4.) Jim Henderson?  Yes, he is a question.  What do you get from him.
5.) The rest of the bullpen.  Always a crap shoot.  The most unstable spot of all 30-teams in baseball.
6.) How good is Jean Segura?  All-Star first half followed by a pedestrian 2nd half.  Somewhere in the middle would be good.
7.) How good is Carlos Gomez?  The pre-2013 flashes proved not to be a group of flukes as Gomez was easily the team’s MVP.  Does the beat go on?
8.) Wily Peralta & Marco Estrada?  What will they get from their 4 & 5 starters?
9.) Who’s on first?  Literally, who takes the job.

Enjoy the 2014 season!  I hope the questions are answered!

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